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I have been taken by all these companies within a month for a approximately $15,000. You can get the services these companies offer for free or for a MUCH lower price.

They are confusing, do not say much about how they will help you, have no planned structure, do not say they will referr you, do not give much information, do not answer much questions, intimidate you, get you when you are looking into making money or looking for employment through employment search websites, and hide behind a 3 day refund policy. If you are in the same situation and want to something about it, email me at I opened up that e-mail account to see what information we can gather and see what we can do.

These people should be in jail! The BBB itself has 29 complaints just for Vensure International! I am afraid they have gotten away with scamming people in the past through different company names, etc...

Together we can do something! What these companies do is so unethical. If they took $15,000 from me, I can just imagine how much money they've made from all of us.

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this is the second year we are doing taxes through Strategic Taxes Services and reading all the bad stuff I'm afraid of getting audited for last year.

I invested so much time studying and doing whatever I was supposed to do until I felt I hit a wall and couldn’t do it anymore. I was diagnosed with depression due to stress. I’m deep in the mud… NO savings, $50K in credit card debt because of the investments I did with these companies and 2 small kids to raise.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, trying to bring a second income home and all I did was bring my entire family to this black hole.


They did the same thing with me. Still no phone call or email.

I still didn't receive my taxes from last year either. I don't know what to do


I also was scammed by Your Solutions, Daeus Financial, and Strategic Tax Services to the tune of about $15000 and still don't have my taxes for this year!!!! Yes, they sent them and they had put in my long term capital gains twice.

After months of sending emails and leaving voicemails with no response, I opened a complaint with the BBB which got closed unresolved because they also wouldn't respond to them.

I have all the email trails etc.... it is unbelievable.


Tell ya I have patience,however, I am to that point where I wanna visit 770 s Main Lehi, Utah. I beat their three day rescind offer, but they breached their own "contract" I just harass their operator and voicemail system 801-770-1251ext5060,or 5013,5006. call, it is toll free 24/7


don't get mad get even


I'm right there with you james.


I'm right there with you james.


I think Carmen must have a contract to defend this company. Comparing a multinational company like Target to Vensure International is ludicrous.

How many of the 1281 complaints filed against Target involved $10,000+? Your defense of this company hopefully is based on more than you have offered in several posts.


If having 29 resolved complaints on the bbb is bad, check out Target, they have 1281. Should they go to jail.

Every business has unhappy customers, ones that didn't understand everything when they purchased it, didn't read the contract before or immediately after signing it, or the warranty, or guaranty.

Vensure International helped me with my online business and it has been very successful so far. My website generates sales daily, and they are dropshipped so I almost don't have to do anything.

Even with my business, customers that complain are usually the least informed and didn't even read everything about it.

to Carmen Henderson #660762
You sir are a shill. :x

That sounds so like Vensure. If you want to get together and see how we all can get out money back, e-mail me at


VENSURE INTERNATIONAL IS A TOTAL SCAM! They took $5000 for training.

after 3 calls they suggested we put our account on stop while they setup our US Companies. That cost another $2500. 8 WEEKS later, after chasing and chasing, I found out that they could not setup our companies as we did not have a US Bank Account. We could not get a US bank account as we did not have a "presence" in the US.

After much argument we got a refund of the $2500. We then wanted to cancel everything as the business model is seriously flawed.

After many conversations with the spineless wankers we were told that we could not cancel as we were outside the 3 Day period. EVEN THOUGH THEY CANNOT DELIVER ON THEIR PROMISE.

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