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Any one interested in joining me in a class action lawsuit for consumer fraud can contact me at too got taken by Vensure International LLC.

With a loss of 6ooo.oo for a weekly lesson on Ebay. I was contacted by their 'affiliates' on LLC preparation and assisting me in obtaining an eic number.

I too requested my money back, at the least, a good portion of the monies and basically got laughed at. This is a blatant consumer fraud case and these people need to be held accountable. It's time to fight back people.

I have contacted a class action attorney and I am looking for others who want to get their money back.

Personally naming Derrick Merrill, Phil Gannucia, Skylar Jarman and Richard Nemrow.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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The two of you sound so confused.


Vensure Intl.I wanna join the suit Got their registered mail to them in time.

They get voice mails evey morning.Matt Peterson, Heather Magill, Skylar Jarman.

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