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My husband and i came across the shoemoney system and decided to try it at the price of $150.00 a few days later we received a phone call saying we see you have purchased the shoemoney system and would you like to go further with this business, you might qualify to be sponsored by our company and make us a success story... we had 2 interviews and got excepted an put a down payment of $499.00 on a finance loan of $4200.00 and after interest $5000.00 and this happened on april 6 2011 but they are saying we signed it the the 5th but the money wasnt tooken out until the 7th 2 days later we wanted to back out of the program because we thought it was the shoemoney system when it was only dealing with ebay only to find out we had 3 days to get a refund and got the run around from everyone we have talked to we sent emails on the 8th the said were sent on the 9th and a letter sent on the 11th that we over nighted but being where the place is locaed takes 2 days we have been told that we can not back out and have to continue even tho we have not used any of their services we are unsure of what to do because of the run around we have received we can not dispute it with our bank and have canceled our card we are hoping that the letter we mailed will get us out of this deal if you have any information for us it would be greatly appreciated the address if it helps is vensure international 770 E main ste 332 Lehi, UT 84043

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I signed up with venture in decemeber 2011 and I paid 500 at first, just after one talk with coach i realized they are just there to steal money I called them next day asked for refund they said we can not refund the time is gone. So after that the coaching just called me like 5-10 minutes and did not say any thing helpful so i didnot talk to him any more basically i did not use the service.

Now I got a bill from venture that I have to pay 3000$ for them. I got shocked and this letter was from a debt collector. They are asking me to pay 3000$. I do not know what to do.

I want to talk with a lawyer and ask what to do.

They give me few days to pay this amount. please advice


What happened to all the complaints before July 2011, I posted in May and Jun 2011 and neither of them are here


I have personally scammed hundreds of people into schemes JUST like this one over the last few years. I did not work for Vensure, but I know the industry. In fact, in the sales world, that particular corner of the market is simply dubbed "the industry" since salesmen have BY FAR the most money making potential out of just about any other sales industry out there. The fulfillment is terrible. We hire these twenty year old kids to be your "mentor" or your "coach" or whatever other fancy name we can make up, and then we laugh as suckers hand over their credit cards to the tune of $1,500 to $15,000. We use all kinds of reverse psychology tricks to get people interested too. "We're a very selective program. Anyone who wants to qualify for it has to go through an extensive interview process, first with me and then with my manager if you pass the initial questions" which are just questions about much "OPM" you have. What's that? "Other People's Money" i.e CREDIT CARDS. We actually get people to give us exactly how much credit they have available, and then, wouldn't you know it, we pitch them a package for just under that exact amount ("Oh, we'll put you on our fast start program for an October discount of $18,000!")

Anyway, I was raking in the cash so for a while I just didn't care. I had recently returned home from a trip to Europe to find that a friend I loaned my car to hadn't made a payment in 3 months and the repo man was after it, and three of my credit cards had been charged off due to non-payment. All in all I was about $50,000 in debt so when I started bringing in between $8,000 and $9,000 every month I didn't let my conscience get the best of me. I was the top salesman in my office (tied with two others) and we were making a killing.

Well... it just wore off, to be honest (for once). I had paid off all my debt (save the student loans, which are still not accruing interest) and had saved almost $30,000 and I guess without that desperation clouding my moral judgment, I just couldn't do it anymore. I knew I wouldn't sell this junk to a family member, and shouldn't I think of the whole human race as my family? Isn't that the position a religious person is supposed to take? I counted my cash, told my girlfriend it would be okay, held my breath and walked away.

Best decision ever. Look, people. This industry is selling pie in the sky and nothing else. Don't be reeled in. And for those of you still making money taking advantage of your brothers and sisters out there... you know better. Listen to that voice that says there is a better way. It all comes back around; we can't avoid that in this life (or the next), so don't lie to take advantage of another's good faith. The entire American banking system is already doing enough of that for the lot of us; don't throw your hat in with them.


WOW!!!!!, Just wander, what if ALL these people got their money back....... would Vensure go under?


REgardless of how many people Vensure has "helped" their prices are ridiculously high, they do not give you all the information straight forward and from the beginning, and they do not abide by more than couple of laws regarding "deceptive trade ptractices". Dan, My experience was the same as yours, unfortunately, I paid close to or more than $15,000 to Vensure and other companies before I started to realize all this.

Ebay will not create revenue. I t will get you $20, dropshipping is not the way to make money and they will try to charge you so that you by website building services so you end up having to pay more money towards buying items to see if they sell?!?

Vensure has kep SO much information from me it is not even funny. I am now trying to negotiate a artial refund (keywords willing to negotiate) and they do not want to resolve this with me via e-mail even if I have no acces to my phone any longer.

Those of you who want to fight back write me at

I am in touch with three people who are wanting to do something about this. I have something planned, nationwide that may help us get our money back.


My experience with Vensure International LLC has been a very pleasant one. I started out with ebay and that has been good but once my website was up and on google I started seeing consistent sales and my affiliate links started bringing in the money.

It is great.

So don't give up.

The idea of making money on the internet is exciting, but not nearly as exciting as seeing the sales and money pouring in with little effort. It is not magic, it takes effort but then the payoff is great.


Yes, send me info on Vensure International,

I am going to see a lawyer about my situation.

Dan Frykman


I paid the $50 at first and was almost guaranteed that it was a "risk free" trial and the next day Thomas Deshriver called me and schemed me into paying $1000 to get it started and then a somewhat lengthy monthly payment. It says in the contract that you have 3 days to get your money back, I called on the second day, left voice messages on 4 different machines to 4 different people.

Called the 3rd day, left 4 messages, got nothing. 4th day same thing. 5th day finally got a hold of Thomas with him saying "my hands are tied, you must mail a letter within the first 3 days then we will consider." I mailed the letter anyways on the 5th day, still didn't budge, said his hands were tied. So after a month, duvera went into my account and took the monthly fee out, I got pissed off and talked to Thomas, said his hands were tied and just do the program.

Changed my bank account, was harrassed by coaches every day to do their stuff. Now Duvera is leaving me e-mails saying they will take "appropriate action" if I do not pay within 7 days.

This is the second e-mail I've gotten from them and the first one was 10 days ago. Does anyone think I could either A) go to jail or B) get my credit completely shattered because of this?


I am having the same issue. I "invested" close to 8000 dls., then was referred to other partner companies who I thought would help my business, invested another 10000 dls and had my credit maxed out.

At the beginning, vensure makes it seem as if they want you to be successful, but refer you to other companies so you can buy their services. I am to the point, where I dont have enough money to keep going. There is no way I can afford the monthly payments on my credit cards. The amount of time you really have to invest if a lot more than what they tell you to begin with.

If you want to start a business. DON'T USE VENSURE!


I also got started with Vensure in Febuary of this year. Like most of you I felt it wasn't for me in the begining.

Did not make anything more than maybe 150-200 bucks UNTIL MAY! My marketing on My website took off, my affliate links are all working just like coach said they would. On July 22nd I made 162.00 dollars,...for doing nothing. All the set up over the last few months paid off.

If you are unsure like I was, I urge you to stick with the training, is afterall a 6 month course.

Their customer service is average but the results are great. Stick with it folks, it will work out good if you follow the instructions.


I called to cancel "click to cash" order which works with Vensure International, and got only half of my membership back, since they said Vensure is a different company, but you are connected to them after you sign up with "click to cash". I told the supervisor that I informed the counselor at Vensure that I would be cancelling my membership within the 30 days, but was told that I would have to try it for 30 days to get a full refund.

I told her that it's sad that people like click to cash and vensure have to resort to tactics like that, but I'm fine with the half refund because they need the money more than me. I do think it's a scam if you try to get your money back if you decide not to try the program, but like I said, they probably need the money more than me.


The exact same thing happened to me. I have contacted Skylar Jarman numerous times, trying to cancel the training program because of health reasons and lack of coaching.

Every time I call they try to talk me back into staying in the program. I really can't manage the program because of my poor health and am already working two jobs.

who should I contact regarding this, to get my money back? Should I contact

the Attorney General Consumer fraud division or the BBB?


Well I join at end of Dec.13, 2010 had 1 class Dec 17, then called dec 22 to ask to cancelled due to medical reason... I finally got a return call on January 31st after leaving 8 messages.

Spoke with Matt, he explain I was too late for refund but send a register letter to cancel. And if you look at the contract it says you have to day to get REFUNDED, So I did, did not here a thing. Assume all was good, but now the financial copy is saying my account not cancel still owe close to $5000. I left over 16 messages and a bunch of email, tried to speak with different people and just get the run around.

Now I get phone message from the financial company Duvera that they have put me in collect. I told them I have been sending all the information to them about my battle with Vensure, they say their hands are tide.

I now send a complaint to bbb and waiting. If you would have any suggestion I'm open to any.


Hey all. I signed up with Vensure International, and then decided it wasn't for me.

I followed the terms for cancellation and after a few days of processing and I got a full refund. I had a good customer service experience and everything turned out just fine.


I've had a positive experience with Vensure International. My coach made it clear to me that selling on eBay was going to be the fastest way to make money while I set up my website.

I got the mentoring and support just as I was told I would. That's been my experience.


file with also they are tracking them.


Sergioh502 & Julie & All Have you tried the Better Business Bureau, Vensure had 19 complaints when I 1st checked in May they now have 23 and I was told by Vensure they were all old ones just settled. Don't think so....


following up from May 29th I have contacted Vensure for cancellation 2x's and have now been told I have no recourse. They get you in with promises, then won’t let you out.

After they get you in they refuse to refund the large amount of money that you have invested.

This is how they get you to continue on and finish the classes even if it’s not what you want. Have any of you finished the classes????

Eerde, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands #300163

I have the same thing happening to me right now. Seven thousand dollars later I am still trying to get someone on the phone who will talk to me.

Stalling is right. How can companies get away with not refunding money?

That's just good business that if someone is not satisfied with a product they should get their money back. Definately a scam!


The same happen to me on April 11, 2011 they got me for $3,595.00 they didn't even answer my cancellation letter.

I said we should hire a lawyer, I know there must be 100's of people in the same situation as us, please come forward, let's get all togheter to sue this company.

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