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My wife and I were taken for over $10,000.00. Austin Bawden promised us that if we didn't make that amount in three months he would give us our money back.

After three months of working with there people and spending money on more memberships, we asked for our money back as per mr Bawdens quarantee. They gave us the run around and we've never been able to get our money back.

I've spent countless hours on the phone trying to get through to these people how crooked there system is and they are all so blind. Stay away from these people.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Maybe we can help....


I signed up with vensure for almost 7k. I never saw a refund guarantee as you describe it in my contract I've signed.

Either way I have been happy with the service, I've got a website and am selling product daily. That me.

Honest G

Lets help each other get our money back. reply asap.

these people are manipulating crooks.

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