Impossible to cancel. My son ordered this so-called business coaching service that realy has nothing to offer that you can't find for free through a google search. Scam from the beginning. They say you can cancel but just try.

They use a billing company out of California to make it more difficult to find them.You cannot talk with anyone that can cancel your service subscription. They will not return calls.

Bill keeps growing at astronomical interest rate. Received no service. Then they turn you over to collections.

Please contact Utah State Atorney General and complain if you have had similar experience. Here are their numbers Vensure 855-495-4162 fax 801 857-2050. They are located Lehi UT. Help put them out of business

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Contacting the Utah AG will do no good; it is your word against Vensure's, and the Utah Consumer Protection Agency does not live up to its name. They must have blinders on, because someone in Utah doesn't recognize that a business having 39 complaints filed against them in 12 months and page after page of complaints on the internet must be doing something to *** off so many people.


need help? contact me: lovetogeteven@gmail.com

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