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I got screwed in late Sept.2011. Beat the three day rescision, as required , by Snail Mail, Funny, Everything else is electronic, especially signatures.

Matt Peterson 1-801-770-1251 ext 5013 supposed to have aproved the rescision, credited credit cards etc. explaining that it takes a "couple" of weeks. Couple, to me, is generally TWO... Duvera billing is the entity defined as an innocent affiliate, who sent me an email at least, from relentless voicemail messages.

It is mid Oct.a "Couple" MONTHS after accepted rescision, yet will NOT communicate. Soooo, I'm opening an assault on Voicemail. Here are all the GOOD numbers if U wanna join the FUN !! This is my way to show solidarity with OCCUPY WALL STREET !!!!!!

Connect toll free to all phone numbers !!!!! I usually use 1-801-770-1251 which is "The Corporation" . The menu choice 1 gives you the extention entry to personal voicemail: Pres. Matt Banzaff?EldonParker is 5060. Matt Peterson is 5013. His Administrative Assistant the ONLY email contact Heather Magill is 5075 heather @ Skylar Jarman is extention 2008.

Also, I have actually spoken to Customer Service at the same toll free number, just "dial" 0, and request Melissa Rathsmithson. She seems? to be VERY sincere, but everything she has said in the past two months, has been B.S.

We'll update ...... Oldsmobile

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:? go to show about shameful frauds and scams. Ask for him to enlighten others like us about internet scams like Vensure.

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