My fiance first worked with shoe money in 2010, and was somehow directed to duvera international for additional coaching. first of all, he was not pleased with the coaching of Either companies, and realized it was all just dumb common sense ***.

Since he never received a working link to the website that was supposed to be his, he stopped using the service for good. he got nothing from the coaching, no promised dvds or brocheres, so he gave up and bit the loss of 300. When he spoke to these individuals on the phone, he had been told their program was being discounted just for that day and he was told $300 for the training package. he agreed, gave his info over phone, signed their *** email contract and went on to find out how dumb that whole thing was.

he then found out, he has collections on him for over $3000! apparently it was some "loan". loan for what!? we didnt get ***, or use ***.

now with late fees, continued monthly charged, and collections down his throat, he owes over $4000! we have contacted the police who unfortunately cant do anything, and this scam is left to us. problem is, nothing gets accomplished from calling these people, apparently 3 numbers leads to the EXACT same snooty *** of an operator who has a horrid attitude and sends you to voicemails of "customer service reps". she was yelling at my fiance saying how *** could he have been to not know that it was a loan, "sorry sir, but i have your account open right now, you agreed to a financed loan with 18% interest" *** you sleazy ***, i hope you cant sleep at night because you live with the conscious of ruining the loves of young adults who now cannot move out, buy a car, or get a job in law enforcement because of your *** debt on their accounts!

"duvera" has now changed to YES international, and as my best friend operated stated "we control 14 companies" then changed to "we run many companies" She would not give me the direct number to the customer service desk to write in my notes for addition tracking of lies and scams. PLEASE stay away from this company, and show money in general for opening such a horrible gateway to this ***.

Monetary Loss: $4291.

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I really do not care what pitiful remarks you make behind your computer screen. thanks :)
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this seems like an odd comment

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